If a tree falls in the forest but no one hears it, does it make a sound? We believe we can make a dent in the world with better open banking solutions. But without clients to utilize the power we bring, it would be all for nothing. By sharing their real-life stories, more companies can relate, understand and apply the advantages Finshark can bring.

These are their stories.

  • Bolagspartner on Finshark's product: “No competitors are utilizing open banking yet. So, it’s a major advantage for us."

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  • “We wanted to avoid inelegance and make payments easier.” There are good reasons why GF Money chose Finsharks Direct payments.

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  • Plexian on Finsharks products: “We used to have card-to-card transfers, but it is an absurd and expensive experience!”

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  • “Direct payment is especially popular among our sports clubs.” – Claes Ramel, CEO at FINQR

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