Customer love in the time of Instant payouts

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Published: November 11, 2022

Cashflow is king. 

For a company to run smoothly, monitoring the money that comes in is crucial. However, it is just as important to also know exactly what goes out and how. Any company nailing the ongoing costs of running the business just as well as the revenue generation is likely to stay financially healthy.  

Hence, understanding how to efficiently bring money in, should be paired with mastering how to pay money out.


First thing first. What’s a payout? 

If you are a merchant and you just want to know how payouts can become a business advantage, please skip to the next section! 

You stayed, so let’s talk definitions. 

Defining a payout is easier said than done as the term itself can mean different things depending on the context and the type of business that executes it. So, we asked Google for some help, and after a 0.40 second search these were the findings: 

Just by quickly browsing through different definitions, it becomes clear that when talking about payouts it is almost inevitable to mention different use cases to express what they are for. Also, during our research several synonyms popped up depending on the subject and industry; refunds, reimbursements, or pay-offs, for instance.  

Learn from other businesses

We will explore different use cases in a very short bit. For now, let’s just consider the following common denominator, relevant to all situations in which an organization needs to transfer funds to other businesses or individuals to be able to operate. Paying someone (i.e. an online shopper requesting a return, an insured individual making a claim, or a gig worker sending an invoice), is a really precious opportunity for businesses to build or reinforce trust – which ultimately translates into customer loyalty.  

Regardless of the industry, payouts must be easy to request and instant to process as consumers are getting more impatient than ever. Indeed, waiting days for a payment (rightfully owed) to reach its destination is a cause for frustration. Relationships are at stake.

Use cases:

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