Hello, world.

This week we are extremely proud to announce reaching another significant milestone in our exciting journey at Finshark. After a few months in the making, our newly designed website is finally ready to both spread its wings and our message.

Want to check it out right away and spare yourself the enriching experience of reading the rest of this carefully crafted article? Then start from the homepage. Otherwise, read on.

Financial democracy, for all.

Since its launch at the end of 2018, Finshark’s mission has always been to help businesses to take full advantage of the opportunities provided by the new and fast-evolving financial scenario. Demolishing the obstacles currently impeding anyone to navigate, monetize from, and innovate through open banking, sets in motion a true democratisation of finance in which any venture (from established banks to emerging fintechs, from big enterprises to growing startups) can become a financial innovator and deliver pioneering offers and services that matter.

Our new website is a stepping-stone to magnify our mission and is targeted to any potential innovator interested in this financial revolution. Our vision is now out there, starting today. It is open for business, and open for all.

The “whys” and the “so-whats”.

If you are still not sharing the same enthusiasm as us about our brand new site, well, that is totally understandable. However, do read on as things are about to change.

In the last few months, many exciting things have happened here at Finshark. We have been constantly evolving, relentlessly developing new solutions, and ended up outgrowing our old site. We now have way more to offer and a much stronger knowledge to share. It was time for a significant refresh.

Here is what you will find on our upgraded website.

A shiny new look.

We went through a radical make over and we came out of it incredibly fresh. A Scandinavian minimalism mixed with a good dose of boldness really work great together, combining beauty with functionality. We will be writing more about our new style in the next few weeks so keep an eye out for more updates.

The portfolio.

Our offer is crystal clear. At the moment – we will be releasing more products soon – we have built one service (our API infrastructure) and two verticals of turnkey solutions based on direct payments and account intelligence. We go into more detail on their respective pages, so they are definitely worth a visit.

This blog.

Knowledge is one of the key areas of our re-launch. There is a lot of new content on the website already, but more will be added. We will regularly publish and comment industry news, provide insights about our products, opinions, resources and share what happens in our world.

A developers’ section.

This area provides an opportunity to check what goes on under the hood. Can we walk the walk as we eloquently state? Check out the clear documentation, our customer portal and the reference allowing to navigate, integrate and make the most of our services.

A different kind of “about us”.

The most personal page of the site. This is where we have a bit of fun, as we believe finance shouldn’t look or sound too serious – or even worse, boring – all the time. A safe haven for irony, a space to remind us all that we set on a journey to become the most Swedish fintech in the world.

Watch this space.

So, this is the story so far. What’s next, one might ask? We will be sharing the good, the bad and the ugly of Finshark. Client’s stories, successes, shortcomings and hopefully, many future milestones. The site and the blog will certainly grow, renovate and evolve, as well as its content. After all, it is always day one, right?

Nicola Spera
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Nicola Spera

Chief Brand Officer. A jack of all trades with a passion for usability, fresh pasta and breezy payment flows.

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